Celebration: Wild Springs Festival 2015

Eat for Equity and LSF partnered to create a great Wild Springs Festival for the third year in a row. Photos by Trang's Ten Thousand Words (except #3 by Eli Utne).

On the morning of Saturday August 22nd, the farm was buzzing with even more life than usual. There were many hands helping to prepare our space for over 150 people, hanging flags, chopping veggies, putting out signage, organizing the boats, paddles, and lifejackets, and setting up music-equipment and tents. The central plaza area was filled with straw-bales that served as temporary seating for our performances. The basement of the barn became ground-zero for libations provided by Fair State Brewing Cooperative. The mobile wood-fire oven arrived, ready to pump out pizzas to late-night appetites. The scene was set for a great time!

Everyone lent a hand (or two) to the effort when the storm came in. Over 50 straw bales were safely put away, ready to be used for on-farm projects in the near future!

The wind began howling early in the day, forewarning foul weather that would add some serious excitement to the evening. However, despite the wind and the eventual downpour, the festival went on without a hitch. People kept pouring in over the course of the afternoon, taking hikes through the forest, participating in the Grown-Up Club's "Choose Your Own Adventure" games or riding alongside our farmers on one of the popular Farm Tours.

Family-friends, new acquaintances, local farmers, and many more participated in one of the popular farm tours. Here, permaculture consultant and LSF collaborator Lindsay Rebhan explains our perennial nursery and the important role of hazelnuts in our restoration work. 

The amazing food provided by Eat for Equity was rolled out smoothly onto giant tables, overflowing with abundance. When the time came to bring our activities inside, everyone worked together and brought all the straw-bales into the garage, carried the blankets and sound-equipment into the barn, and left their shoes by the barn door for an intimate series of performances under colorful lights inside while storms howled outside. 

As the storm showed its fury outside, over a hundred guests swarmed together into the barn, sharing an intimate set of performances, numerous arts and crafts activities, and good company. 

The evening rolled on smoothly, filled with music and socializing, food, drinks, and laughter. Eventually, the music was wrapped up and the storm had lifted. Attendees ambled back to their (hopefully somewhat dry) tents and slept to the sounds of birds and bugs relishing the fresh rainfall in the forest around them. The next morning, breakfast was served, a yoga class was offered, and everyone was treated to beautiful music as they readied themselves for the journey home. As quickly as the day had come, so it went; from the prep-work months ago to solidify bands, organize activities, and plan logistics, to the very last pick-up of micro-trash and lost-and-found items, it was another wildly fun, delicious, and invigorating festival at the farm!  

Please join us next year for Wild Springs 2016!