Lily Springs Farm, nestled in the rolling hills of western Wisconsin, is a 100-acre private reserve comprised of woodland, wetland, open fields, and spring-fed Mud Lake.

The lily — or lotus — grows out of the mud and, in that spirit, our mission is to provide a sanctuary in the natural world, dedicated to bringing beauty out of murkiness by reconnecting to what is essential and generative.

As a farm demonstrating the use of regenerative agriculture, we provide experiences and training for people interested in building a resilient future.

Permaculture and whole systems design are being applied to restore our habitats to health and to build a sustainable perennial-based farm system that integrates land, people and the built environment. Programming flows naturally from that work and from our intention to foster health in ourselves and the land.

Our team has deep roots. We combine generations of family from our rural community, extensive farming background, and decades of permaculture experience. We are urban as well as agrarian, with a well-established commitment to the inner city and wide social and cultural connections in the Twin Cities and beyond.

Regeneration, education, and celebration are at the heart of all we do.