Nina Utne

Nina has owned the land where Lily Springs Farm sits for nearly three decades. She spent her childhood exploring the woods and ocean of the East Coast. This experience ignited a sense of freedom, connection, and reverence for nature that has been a guiding force throughout her life and career. 

Drew Slevin

Drew is the Farm Manager and an essential piece in the puzzle that makes this farm work. When he is not in the woods working alongside the goats or planting trees in the fields, he oversees the farm calendar, booking weddings, events, and educational programming. And, if he's not working, he's hanging with his sweet dogs Pete and Ringo, practicing kung-fu, riding his bike, or searching for evidence of the otters that moved in at Mud Lake.


Elle Sullivan

After spending the last five years studying food systems and experiential environmental education at the University of Oregon, Elle returns to her Midwest roots as the Lily Springs Farm apprentice. Behind the scenes, she manages the social media, email, and crop sales for Lily Springs. On the farm, she assists with livestock, crop maintenance and harvest, and events. You'll likely see her running around the farm from activity to activity, asking too many questions and getting distracted by the flowers and the ferns. 

Lindsay Rebhan

Lindsay has spent the last 12 years: designing, installing and managing integrated edible working landscapes; consulting on land use issues, perennial crop systems and whole farm management systems; and organizing and strengthening ecological networks. Her training in permaculture and agriculture has taken her to Cuba, Bangladesh, Guatemala, as well as around the US. She has been the program director for both PRI Cold Climate and Renewing the Countryside. Lindsay co-owns Ecological Design with friend and business partner Paula Westmoreland. She can be found on Twitter and Instagram, when she is not imbuing her love of soil in her own children.


Paula Westmoreland

Paula Westmoreland, permaculture designer, agroecologist and author, is a leading voice in the regenerative community. As Founder, Partner and Lead Designer of Ecological Design, Paula helped shape the original vision for Lily Springs Farm, and she continues to consult and guide the farm as it grows. Paula has a Masters degree in Ecology, Sustainable Agriculture and Landscape Design from the University of Minnesota, received her Permaculture Design Certificate in 2000, and started Ecological Design that year. 

Annie  Foss

Annie’s irreverent laugh will be the first thing you encounter at the farmhouse, and, gifted teacher and bartender that she is, she can tell you pretty much anything. She is always available to lend a hand with our guests and can help make anyone feel at home on the farm, whether for a wedding, a camp-out or anything in-between.


Zaka Friberg

Zaka, an environmental science student at the U of M, was born and raised in rural Tanzania.  An avid coffee drinker, project starter, and farmer at heart, Zaka would rather be outside getting his hands dirty than hitting the books. But alas, that will have to wait till weekend for now.  He is currently building a wind-powered air compressor, harvesting and planting seeds from the food he eats, and trying to be best friends with Jeremy the goat.


Bruce Foss

Bruce can usually be found outside, demonstrating that he can do pretty much everything. He has the land deep in his cells—his grandfather built the cabinets in the farmhouse and Bruce has been marauding around Mud Lake since he was a zygote. He knows this property and this area inside and out.

Eli Utne

Eli is a highly valued alum at Lily Springs Farm. Although he is no longer working on the farm, his efforts early on made a deep impact on the direction of all our projects and programming.  He is musician, activist and occasional wanderer, dedicated to working at the intersection of ecology, art and activism.  He is currently working for Americorps helping public schools set up urban gardens.